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The HelpoTec XL is especially designed and developed for use with HelpoFlake polyurea resin. With our system we have given special attention to the usage and maintenance of the systems.

Wireless remote control

Modules are placed to pull out platform for 
easy maintenance

10-inch touchscreen with Windows 10 software

 Changeable plastic tanks


 Integrated heater that preheats the tanks and 
the hoses

Tank Capacity: 2 x 27

Integrated reel for resin hoses

Technical Specifications 

Height: 42"

 Width: 21"

Depth: 30"


286 lbs.



Ø 2" – 12"

Pipe Dimensions

115 ft.

Working Distance

240 V AC

Supply Current

A Result of years of experience

We have made many technical improvements to 
HelpoTec to increase the working efficiency to the 
maximum. To name a few, HelpoTec can be controlled 
from a remote control or an app that is downloadable 
to your phone or tablet. The resin tanks are made of 
plastic, that are easily changed to new ones after use
eliminating the need for cleaning. The integrated reel 
keeps the hoses in order and the heater makes sure 
that working with cold conditions is effortless. The 
modules are placed to pull out platform, which means 
that there is no need to disassemble modules while 
service or cleaning. Also, there is a possibility to
download a pdf report straight from the system

More powerful, than before

With HelpoTec, there is a possibility to increase the 
quantity of material output for coating longer and 
larger sewer lines. Also, all parts are stress tested for 
over 1000h to guarantee the long durability

Quick curing, long lasting Polyruea Resin

HelpoTec works with a new polyurea based resin, 
HelpoFlake. HelpoFlake is suitable for almost any 
common sewer pipe material. The resin can be 
applied in humid conditions thanks to its insensitivity 
to moisture. HelpoFlake cures in minutes and owns 
after curing excellent chemical, abrasion and 
corrosion resistance, making it a long lasting solution. 
HelpoTec is also available with other resin options

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