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E-revolution made in Germany

Decades of experience in milling robots has paved the way for the Climbolino®E house connection robot.


12" LED display, razor share image, perfect in daylight.


Made from special stainless steal.


ISO monitor for greater protection against moisture. 


One milling robot for 2.5" to 12".

Highest Quality

100% quailty control with incoming and outgoing inspections.

Customer Service 

Fast, convenient, and straightfoward - always ready to help you!

Decades of experience in milling robots has paved the way for the Climbolino® E house connection robot.

The milling robot was specially developed for present-day conditions in sewer rehabilitation. Featuring a powerful electric milling spindle, plus exceptional bending capabilities and multi-dimensional functionality, the service connection robot has truly revolutionized sewer rehabilitation.

  • 14,000 RPM Milling Motor!!!

  • For 2.5" to 12" pipe

  • Powerful electric milling spindle with max. 1 kw

  • Extremely low noise emission

  • 56 V battery operation

  • 12″ LED display for stress-free work

  • 98 ft. m hose reel, extendible

  • Every camera angle adjustable

  • Compact hygienic hose box

  • 90% energy saving compared to conventional milling robots


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