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Knowledge of the situation is a prerequisite for solving the situation.

The most modern equipment for pipe monitoring from the producer IBOS represents an effective instrument for investigation of pipe condition and prevention of emergency situations. On the basis of the monitoring result you can effectively plan the investment into the renovation of pipe system. You can choose from the variety of equipment for monitoring. From push camera Comet, which is designed for house pipes, up to the highly-developed system Discovery, which you can use as a mobile version or as a built-out in a Ford Transit or Connect type layout.


Want more options?


House Sewage Systems

Windows-Based PC



DIGICan Software

Set Sail!

The S.S. Sewer Seeker allows you to go with the flow

Insert the camera into the boat dock and set sail down your pipe for inspection.

iBos - Camera Catalog_Page_29_Image_0003.png

Alien Probe

Sometimes you have to Explore a lateral

The Alien Probe attachment is a great solution for lateral inspection from the Mainline.

Satellite crawler_edited.jpg

Scan Around

Cyclops Scanner

Real-time scan the ovality of your pipe for size changes in the DigiCan Software. Also available is a locating Sonar!

iBos - Camera Catalog_Page_23_Image_0001.png

Odd Size 

Not Everything is Round

The Elliptical Kit allows your Explorer to stay balanced and centered in your pipe Journey!

iBos - Camera Catalog_Page_25_Image_0007.png

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