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Discovery Camera Systems 


The most modern equipment for pipe monitoring from the producer IBOS represents an effective instrument for investigation of pipe condition and prevention of emergency situations. On the basis of the monitoring result you can effectively plan the investment into the renovation of pipe system. You can choose from the variety of equipment for monitoring. From push camera Comet, which is designed for house pipes, up to the highly-developed system Discovery, which you can use as a mobile version or as a built-out in a Ford Transit or Connect type layout.

The Explorer Micro camera system is designed for pipeline monitoring in the 6" to 40" range.

The two motors in the camera crawler enable it to turn easily and run smoothly.

The KZ60 pan and tilt camera head can be used to check the condition of the pipeline in detail.

You can also use the KZ60 camera head with the Comet With Rotary and The Shooting Star push-rod camera system and thus achieve financial savings when purchasing equipment due to compatibility.

Cameras/crawlers can be easily swapped during work depending on monitoring needs and pipe diameters.

Utilize The Discovery Camera Inspection System to improve your CCTV needs!

This robust tractor system has an expansive range of attachments to take a 6" crawler and size it up to 40" Diameter with up to 1,640' of cable!


Need larger? Simply detach the camera and perform a walk through.


Too much water? Try The S.S. Sewer Seeker attachment to float your boat!


Odd Shapes? Use the Elliptical Kit.


Want more options? Add an Alien Probe for Inspecting Laterals, A sonar for Location, A Cyclopes Scanner for Realtime Ovality, and much more!


With the Discovery System your options are endless! 

Get to Know Me!

  • 6" to 40"

  • Range max. 1640 ft.

  • Camera head KZ95CB

  • Control unit: CamBoss, CamBoss PC Battery or ReBoss CB USB

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