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The most modern equipment for pipe monitoring from the producer IBOS represents an effective instrument for investigation of pipe condition and prevention of emergency situations. On the basis of the monitoring result you can effectively plan the investment into the renovation of pipe system. You can choose from the variety of equipment for monitoring. From push camera Comet, which is designed for house pipes, up to the highly-developed system Discovery, which you can use as a mobile version or as a built-out in a Ford Transit or Connect type layout.

The Shooting Star



House Sewage Systems


Small Diameter Pipes

2" to 12"

  • The Shooting Star camera system for pipelines inspection 2" to 12".

  • The system can be used with an axial camera head KA46 and/or a rotary camera head KZ60 (it can also be used with the Explorer crawler system or a satellite superstructure).


  • The reel is fitted with wheels for easy handling. The capacity of the reel is up to 393 ft. depending on the diameter of the cable (0.75 cm or 0.09 cm).

  • In the upper part, the reel can be equipped with a holder for fixing the ReBoss control unit, and on the side there are transport holders for centering the camera head.

  • The Shooting Star camera system is compatible with the ReBoss, CamBoss or CamBoss PC Battery control unit.


  • Weight approx. 37 lbs. (without push-rod cable and centering).

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