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Trenchless Renovation Technology


KrasoSan® sanitation system up to 48" (others on request)

KrasoSan® renovation systems are customised vehicle,container or trailer build outs.
We realize your desired build out with all necessary components and assamble your renovation devices compact and efficient for you.
This results in the highest quality and safety guarantee for you, your employees and for your end customer.

3D-Model for the customer before start of construction

Finished KrasoSan®

Ask today for your KrasoSan®!
Or do you prefer to limit yourself?

All components are made of high quality aluminium and/or stainless steel

The systems adapts automatically to the given conditions

The automatic recording guarantees you and your end customers an optimal proof of work and therefore great advantages in new customer acquisition and tenders

All devices are compatible with each other - no problem with connections!

In error situations an automatic error analyses is performed by the system and the result is displayed on the control panel

Ideal and cost-efficient all-in-one solution made upon your wishes

All functions are monitores,controlles and recorded centrally on a PC

Analyses of all data can be made by using our own brand KrasoTech® Software

3D-CAD designed individual build outs

We gladly advice you on your personal ideal solution!

We manufacture your KrasoSan® renovation system according to your company's design to create the best possible impression for your clients

...YOUR company‘s colours powder coated
...YOUR company‘s logo with high precision metal cut out
...YOUR equipment according to YOUR design requierements
...YOUR manufacturer

KrasoSan® Renovation Systems according to your specifications!

We design for you a custom solution KrasoSan® according to your specifications.

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