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Introducing the KrasoSluice ONE, the ultimate addition to any plumbing equipment collection. Our patented chamber system allows for "endless inversion," meaning the liner is gently inverted with low pressure usage. This innovative method protects the liner from stretching, dents, wrinkles, and folds, preserving the quality of your plumbing materials. The KrasoSluice can handle even large knots, fittings, and the invert of heating hoses with a maximum flow rate, making it a versatile and reliable tool for any plumbing job. With the KrasoSluice, you can trust that your liners and materials will be handled with care and precision.


  • Patented chamber system
  • Inversion with low pressure
  • Direct inversion without wind up
  • Outlet storz, camlock, Easy Klick, etc.
  • Ideal replacement for a water tower
  • Aluminium or stainless steel version
  • Optional with data recording!
  • Optional with drive!
  • Cold, Warm, Steam, UV


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