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Introducing the KrasoWalk® E, a compact impregnation unit with electrical roller drive, perfect for your plumbing equipment needs. With its roller conveyor extension, this unit allows for easy maneuverability and efficient impregnation processes. The KrasoWalk® E also comes equipped with a mobile underframe, providing additional stability and flexibility in use. Plus, with the option to add extra features and accessories, this unit can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. Trust in the KrasoWalk® E to streamline your impregnation processes and enhance the productivity of your plumbing equipment operations.


  • Drive rotation direction forwards and reverse
  • Mobile and stationary version possible
  • Synchronised drive of both calibration rollers
  • Assembled to suit your needs for highest efficiency
  • Calibration rollers with special coating - especially easy to clean!

KrasoWalk E

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