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For a reliable and efficient way to renovate sewer and drain pipes, look no further than the Relining Group's ElastoTec M.With its quick 3 minute cure time, this product is perfect for minimizing downtime and keeping plumbing systems running smoothly. This innovative product is part of the Elasto family, using a sprayed in place pipe coating solution with self-supporting polyurethane resin. The ElastoTec M is designed for pipes sized from 50 to 200mm, making it an ideal solution for a variety of pipe coating renovations. With its pipe coating systems for spraying the resin, the ElastoTec M offers a seamless and durable internal pipe coating that ensures long-lasting performance. Choose the ElastoTec M for a cost-effective and long-term solution to all your internal pipe coating needs.


  • Get step-by-step guidance in six languages  from the easy-to-use touchscreen 
  • Control wirelessly with a 100-meter-range remote
  • Save material consumption data from the system to a USB stick to help you with budgeting, material purchasing, and assigning costs per apartment
  • Increase work safety with excess pressure reporting
  • Easily monitor and adjust material mixing ratios
  • Control material flow more accurately with real-time increase of mass in 10 gram increments
  • Use all year round – circulation mode stops the relining material from thickening in cold conditions by pre-use warmings
  • Make your workflow more efficient – no need to empty and clean tanks or hoses between jobs
  • Set a time delay for system valves and spinners

Relining Group - ElastoTec M

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